A long, long, time ago in a farmers field far, far away, Rob noticed a change in the wind and became fascinated with the weather. Why you ask? (Pause for you to say "why?") Well, it was at that moment he realized he was downwind of the manure pile on the turkey farm where he grew up! After that he watched the weather very carefully in an effort to save his sense of smell!

Okay, that's not entirely true but I did grow up on a turkey farm and I have been fascinated with weather and broadcasting for quite some time.

I began my career in radio before making the jump to TV. I spent 5 years on Canada's Weather Network before deciding to pursue my dream of living and working in the United States.  I joined Wake Up Rochester in Rochester NY. for three years before making the move to Milwaukee!

I also spent some time trying to make it big as a comian/actor.  I performed at Toronto's biggest venues and some really small ones! I had the opportunity to study the art of improvisation at Toronto's Second City Theatre with teachers like SCTV's Joe Flaherty and performed alonside him and other big names at the famous Old Firehall Theatre - the birthplace of SCTV.



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